What is Aromanosis?


Fear, Anxiety, Anger, Overwhelm, Stress, Disconnection, Relationship Breakdowns, Dissatisfaction, Grief, Pain, Resentment... The list can feel endless, overwhelming and stressful in and of itself. 

It doesn't have to be like this.

If you have being trying desperately to create a shift, if you have been motivating yourself and doing ALL the things, only to end up in the same place and you have had enough, keep reading.

The biggest mistake we make as human beings is looking for a fix outside of ourselves. But the truth is, our world, our relationships, our abundance and health (or lack of it) are a reflection of within.

You may already know this... So why do you keep looking outside of yourself? Everyone has their reasons but in my experience there are two main reasons:

One - We are TAUGHT to look outside of ourselves.

And Two - We are afraid of what we will find within.

Every single one of us carries baggage... And even if we are able to offload it all, our minds are challenged on a daily basis - meaning we are constantly picking up more along the way.

The point? the work is never done... 

This is why Aromanosis is a practice and not just one course promising a fix forever.


"OMGoodness! My finger joint that was getting stiff wasn't totally released after our live session... but there WAS a noticable shift... I couldn't believe it!... see that limiting self-talk!
But yeah, I was gob-smacked that an emotional release could ACTUALLY effect a body physical condition!! Like WOW!
I always held the belief that diet was the biggest contributor... gotta say I am challenging that belief-system now."
- Theresa -

Within Aromanosis you learn how to:

Release old patterns and behavious

Hear the wisdom of your emotions

Still your busy mind

Soothe your overworked body

Love yourself

Grow in confidence

Attract abundance

Connect with your infinite wisdom, intelligence & creativity

Create from the inside out...

Aromanosis Practice is done through a range of techniques, which we utilise in a variety of ways to achieve our goals.

Some of our common pracitices include (but are no way limited to):

  • Connected Breathwork
  • Meditation & Hypnosis
  • Essential Oils & Herbs
  • Journaling
  • Movement
  • Creativity

Once you learn the art of self awareness, reflection, connection and change nothing is off limits to explore and experience within the practice. 

Stressed to Blessed in 7 Days

Free Aromanosis course with guided meditations to release tension, ease the mind and bring in abundance.

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Aromanosis Practice 

To improve, first we must practice.

This statement is true in any area of life and when it comes to developing ourselves and thus our experience of the world, we cannot avoid the need for regular practice.

An Aromanosis Practice consists of any techniques that help us to greater understand ourselves and thus influence our lives in a positive way.

You can think of it as a ‘self development’ practice and in our workshops we draw on many techniques such as journaling, breathwork, creativity, embodied movement, deep questioning and hypnosis to aid us in this practice.

If you are curious to learn and experience it for yourself, join us for our next workshop or event. 

In person events are listed here.

Or you can click on the link below to learn more about our Aromanosis membership which give you free access to all of our online events plus discounts and an abundance of resources and recorded classes.

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