Aromanosis Practice Group

Your gym membership for the soul.

Self Care. Self Awareness. Connection. Growth.

We have forgotten who we are. We have forgotten our own power... Our ability to love.... Our expansive gifts to create and problem solve.... And we have forgotten that the solutions and path are not found outside of ourselves, but are residing within waiting patiently for us.

Aromanosis is a practice of improving oneself in every area of life. We have a “begin Within” philosophy where an internal practice of awareness, release, connection and growth are central (and the building blocks of) everything we do.

Our Aromanosis practice revolves around this central concept utilizing our unique Aromanosis Meditations and journaling as we delve into different focus topics.

With this regular internal practice in place we can then build upon this foundation by incorporating other practices and therapies to further our self actualisation journeys.

Within our practice group, there are no ‘stages’ or ‘levels,’ only continual learning and self growth. There is an understanding within Aromanosis that the practice is never complete and you are always at the perfect stage of development.

Aromanosis is about creating from the inside out.

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Next Workshop: 21st April 2021

Dull fear. 



Feeling any of these lately? 

I want you to know there is a light in you. A light that is ready to be turned up so it can shine to an intensity you never imagined could exist.

The fear… The stuckness… the Broken parts…. They will pale in comparison to the light within you.

THIS is what our Aromanosis practice group will be awakening within ourselves in April and we would love for you to join us.

We will be using breathwork, journaling, meditation and coaching.

April 21st @ 8pm to 9:15pm(ish) AWST

Online via Zoom

Free for Aromanosis Members

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Once you are a member you will see the details of how to join the workshop in the members area. If you get lost or stuck flick me an email at [email protected]

It’s time to shine. You deserve to shine. You are going to shine!

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"Wow wow wow that was an amazing experience last night. I loved it and was feeling like I was floating in on a love cloud after it!
The journaling was really good and helped and I did feel at some points I could've cried in the hypnosis on each event but when lady love was with me guiding me through I felt warm and fuzzy.
This one is my fave!
Thanks so much Michelle..."
- Dani -

Some of the topics we focus on  (but are definitely not limited to) include:

Releasing old patterns and behaviours,

healing grief,

Improving self confidence,

Letting go of self doubt, ditching procrastination,

Anger and resentment release,

Tapping into flow, intuition and creativity, gratitude, abundance,

Uncovering hidden gifts,

Creating change…

And always, within everything we are doing we are working towards awareness, connection and self actualization. 


What it looks like:

Aromanosis Practice is done through a range of techniques including Aromanosis Meditation and Journaling, which are two cornerstones and where you will begin your journey of self discovery.


Monthly Aromanosis ONLINE workshops (via Zoom)

Access to the previous month’s Aromanosis Workshop (in case you miss the LIVE)

Over 15 Aromanosis Meditation recordings for personal practice

Over 12 Aromanosis Workshop recordings on various topics.

Members only discussion pod for ongoing community support.

Discounts for all in person workshops and events.

Journal & practice prompts and videos throughout the month, in alignment with the topic focus.


Educational videos including:

How to make essential oil blends

Anchoring the meditative state

Introduction to Aromanosis

How to journal


This is for you if you feel like you want to connect more deeply to yourself, others and life. It is for you if you want your life to have meaning, purpose and be full of experience. 

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