Emotional Tuning: Feb 10th Online Workshop

events online workshop Jan 14, 2021
Feb 10th 2021 @8pm AWST
Our emotions are a wonderful guidance system and we can use them to know if something is right for us or not. One of my favourite sayings is, “If it feels good, do it. And if it doesn’t, then don’t.”
On the other hand, when we have patterns in our subconscious minds that are not working for our benefit, more times than not, when we try to change these patterns, it does NOT feel good…. And yet the change is what you desire.
Think of someone wishing to quit smoking. When they first stop they experience a range of ugly emotions and thoughts coming up, which is the brain trying to sabotage the person’s effort. Does this mean they should stop trying to quit? No, it is just a result of what is happening at a deeper level.
Yes it is both true that sometimes our emotions are a good indicator as well as sometimes our emotional reaction is the opposite of what is good for us.
So should we discount our emotions altogether when making decisions or is there still value to be found.
There is immense value to be found, but first we must be able to tell the difference between intuition and fear and this can only be developed through a self awareness practice.
Our next Aromanosis workshop delves into our emotions and we will be learning how to ‘tune’ our emotions so we can hear what they are saying more clearly.
Choosing your Essential Oil...
Similar to January's workshop, you want to choose an essential oil (or blend) that helps to clear away any false beliefs/mistruths and/or helps you to align with your higher self. For example, blends like Clarity, Egyptian Gold, Highest Potential and Awaken will all work well. Or create your own blend out of oils like Frankincense, Sandalwood, Kuranya, Jasmine and Eucalyptus.
Please note that this workshop is exclusively for Aromanosis members only but if you haven't attended one before and would like to come as a guest, please PM me for the registration link.
To learn more about our practice group, head to www.aromanosis.com.au/aromanosis-practice 



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