Why are Essential Oils used as part of Aromanosis Meditation?

aromanosis practice meditation personal growth Sep 30, 2020

Why use essential Oils?

When we inhale Essential Oils they go directly to our olfactory bulb which relays messages to our limbic system. Our limbic system is the part of the brain that deals with 3 key functions: emotions, memories and arousal. In short, our limbic system has control over hormones, sleep cycles, alertness, positive and negative emotions, memories, movement, thinking, processing, subconscious responses and almost everything in between. So it’s kind of a big deal!

When we inhale Essential Oils they have a direct impact on our physical bodies as well as mental and emotional wellbeing. Every essential oil has different properties, meaning some are better used for our physical wellbeing and some are better for our emotional wellbeing. Their effectiveness for different uses also depends on how they are blended with each other.

When we work with essential oils in Aromanosis, we choose specific blends or single oils, in line with the change or goal we are wanting to achieve. For example, if I my goal is to feel more relaxed during the day, then I would choose to work with a blend like Stress Away to create an anchor.

In Aromanosis we use essential oils in two ways:

1 – Certain Essential Oils have an impact on the brain that enables us to relax and access a heightened state of awareness more easily. These are the essential oils that we will use in our everyday practice of Aromnosis.

2 – Because essential oils have a significant impact on our memory centre we also use them a anchors for a specific feeling or experience. 

Think about it, how many times have you smelt a certain type of flower or scent and instantly thought of a person, place or event. In hypnosis we deliberately set up these associations within our minds to help us accomplish our goals. For example, a common one I used to use for clients wishing to quit smoking was to anchor it to the smell of rotten garbage.  

What is an anchor?

The human brain has been described as a massive, super powerful computing machine.

“At any given moment, we are constantly bombarded by signals from at least four of the five senses.

The visual system is constantly processing our surroundings. The auditory system is stimulated by all of the many minuscule sounds that compose our environment. We’re taking in all the smells around us at any given moment, and we’re constantly feeling the clothes on our skin. Even within one sensory system, there is an enormous amount of data that gets processed.

With this onslaught of input, how do we manage to not go completely insane? The key is that we pay attention to only a small proportion of that information and throw much of it away. This process is known as selective filtering or selective attention, and most people do it all the time.  Imagine watching a movie at a theater. If you’re quite focused on the film, you’re probably not noticing the sound of squeaking seats, crunchy popcorn, or even the air conditioning whirring through the vents.”


All this ‘selective filtering’ is done by our ‘subconscious mind’. And as you can most likely imagine, if our subconscious mind didn’t work for us in this way, then we would be paralysed by the amount of stimulus coming in.

So the next logical question is “How does our subconscious mind choose what to filter out and what to bring to our attention?”

Your subconscious mind is here to serve you and to put it really simply it filters out based on YOUR beliefs.

Where do your beliefs come from? 

They come from your experiences. For example, if as a child every time you were upset your mother gave you a chocolate to keep you quiet then it is quite possible that as an adult you crave chocolate whenever life throws challenges at you.

Beliefs also come from repetitive thoughts or from hearing the same thing again and again. You may be the most beautiful person in the world, but if you have a partner that says you are ugly day in day out then eventually you are most likely going to believe it. When you look in the mirror you will see ‘ugly’…. Yes, this is essentially what brain washing is.

The purpose of Aromanosis is to consciously change any subconscious beliefs and patterns that are no longer serving us.

An anchor is when we deliberately create a trigger (words, smells, sights, sensations) in order to allow an automatic subconscious response that we desire. 

We use Essential Oils because put simply they serve as the most powerful anchors I have come across because of the way they interact with our limbic system and their ability to help us access the subconscious mind. 

Can I use any Essential Oil?

Unfortunately, my recommendation is that you are very careful with the essential oil you choose. You are going to be using them regularly and as such you want to be sure they are going to have the effect you want as well as being safe. 

In the essential oil world it is common practice to use chemicals and fertilizers through every stage of plant growth as well as using chemicals during the distillation process to gain a greater yield. This has resulted in weakened plant immunity and reduced quality of the oil extracted. In some cases many of the valuable compounds that we use particular oils for, may be destroyed or lost during this process – meaning the essential oil that you have invested in, will not work for you, or worse – may even cause side effects due to the chemicals used during it’s creation. 

A true unadulterated, pure essential oil is difficult to create and in this case price DOES reflect QUALITY. 

I recommend using Young Living Essential Oils. I have tried, tested and researched many other brands and I can tell you from experience that these are the best. Young Living was created to farm and source essential oils that meet the strict and extremely high standards of growing, cultivating, extracting and testing required to ensure you get the best essential oils and benefits they have to offer.  

If you would like to purchase essential oils I can offer you personal support from myself when you set up a wholesale account through me (you don't have to have a business to do this and it means you get 24% off your purchases).  Just reach out and contact me at [email protected] for more information and support in choosing the right oils for you.

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