SOLD OUT - The Truth of You: Perth Aromanosis Workshop

events Oct 19, 2020
perth workshop
Imagine living in alignment with the essence of your being. Imagine the sense of flow, connection and peace it would bring.
When we are living out of alignment we feel overwhelm, stress, sorrow and physical pain. We often feel these things and we think we need to change what is occurring around us, but the true pain is deeper than that. The true pain exists within because you have forgotten who you are.
But the truth of you is not as far away as it may feel right now. It is there, waiting to be uncovered, so you can feel the joy, love and contentment you crave.
Join us for an afternoon of reconnection to you and your truth.
As part of the workshop you will be creating a morning ritual, customised to you, including a tea and essential oil blend which you will get to take home to continue your practice.
Please bring a cushion, water, journal and pen. A light afternoon tea will be provided.
1pm to 5pm, Saturday 28th November 2020 in Hamilton Hill, Western Australia (address will be emailed once you have purchased your ticket).
Investment into self: $80
Aromanosis Members: $55 (look for your discount code is in the members area)
Sorry, This workshop is sold out! 

Aromanosis Practice Membership

Breathe. Connect. Create.

We have forgotten who we are. We have forgotten our own power... Our ability to love.... Our expansive gifts to create and problem solve.... And we have forgotten that the solutions and path are not found outside of ourselves, but are residing within waiting patiently for us.

Aromanosis is a practice of improving oneself in every area of life. We have a “begin within” philosophy where an internal practice of awareness, release, connection and growth are central (and the building blocks of) everything we do.

Our Aromanosis practice revolves around this central concept. We utilise a range of techniques to help us delve into different focus topics to create growth and change.

Within our practice group, there are no ‘stages’ or ‘levels,’ only continual learning and self growth. There is an understanding within Aromanosis that the practice is never complete and you are always at the perfect stage of development.

Aromanosis is about creating from the inside out.

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