The simplicity of Breathwork

breathwork personal growth Apr 12, 2021

When I first learned how to bake I would scour recipe books (because google wasn’t a thing back then) looking for complicated recipes. I was looking for something with many steps and with lots of ingredients. Why?.... Because I thought that if it involved many steps and ingredients and was difficult to do then it would be ‘better.’

I quickly learned that some of the best recipes were the simple 5 ingredients all in one pot type. Never-the-less, it took me many more years (a decade or so) to come to the understanding that the simplicity-in-the-kitchen-creates-beautiful-food rule, translates to life generally.

I cannot tell you how many times I have disregarded something due to its simplicity, making the assumption that simple means non-effective. This belief could not be farther from the truth. In fact there is mountains of research showing that the small simple things in life are often the ones that have the greatest impact.

Perhaps one of the most simple gifts that has gone under the radar is that of our breath.

Our breath is an essential aspect of our ability to live. But it is also far more than that. 

Our breath has the ability to alkalise our blood, causing a cascade of changes.

Our breath also affects our state of consciousness, having the ability to take us into deep meditative states or to wake us up and keep us conscious and alert.

Our breath can induce a range of feelings from anxiety and fear through to peace, surrender and ecstasy.

It is through our breath that we release both physical and emotional toxicity.

And it is through our breath that we can connect the mind with the body and consciousness with mind and body.

And yet, for the most part we ignore our breath because it is under unconscious control. 

By being aware of the breath we can understand what is happening in the body. For example, if I am stressed (but am dissociated with the feeling), I can see the stress in my breathing as it becomes shallow, tight and quick.

But the breath is a bit special because it is also under conscious control and this means we can influence all of the things I mentioned above just by breathing in a certain way. So when I notice I am stressed because of my observation of how I am breathing, I can slow and deepen my breath which creates a cascade of changes within my body which reduces the stress I was feeling.

Imagine the possibilities from just knowing how to breathe…. All in something so simple. It’s beautiful isn’t it?

I am joyful to say I will be teaching breathwork as of the end of May, incorporating it into our Aromanosis practice.  Let me know if you are keen to learn and I will keep you in the loop. x

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We have forgotten who we are. We have forgotten our own power... Our ability to love.... Our expansive gifts to create and problem solve.... And we have forgotten that the solutions and path are not found outside of ourselves, but are residing within waiting patiently for us.

Aromanosis is a practice of improving oneself in every area of life. We have a “begin within” philosophy where an internal practice of awareness, release, connection and growth are central (and the building blocks of) everything we do.

Our Aromanosis practice revolves around this central concept. We utilise a range of techniques to help us delve into different focus topics to create growth and change.

Within our practice group, there are no ‘stages’ or ‘levels,’ only continual learning and self growth. There is an understanding within Aromanosis that the practice is never complete and you are always at the perfect stage of development.

Aromanosis is about creating from the inside out.

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