Don't wait for someone else to wake up and act with ethics for you to be happy and healthy.

personal growth Oct 14, 2020

Have you seen the social dilemma?


It's worth watching. And If you haven't seen it yet, its about the insidious psychological influence of social media and how technology is manipulating our behaviour in a significant way.


What was your response to watching it? Did it make you angry? Do you feel helpless?


It's a message that needs spreading and I do not for one minute agree with what these companies are doing BUT I also know that so long as we are playing their game and giving our power away by waiting for them to change in order for us to be safe.... That nothing is going to change.


Let's say we all get grumpy enough that laws are passed and they stop doing what they are doing now - they will just find a sneakier way.


What on earth do we do with this depressing situation then?


The answer is to wake up!


We take the time to development our sense of self awareness so these insidious and manipulative tactics do not work on us.


In the documentary it is mentioned that even though the person being interviewed is aware of the tech behind his want to check and be on his phone, he is unable to resist it. I am sure that at one time or another you have probably tried reducing your usage of social media too….


So why doesn't this work?


It's because this is not true self awareness. Its just a surface level awareness. An important one, but still just a starting point.


And it's why so many people get angry, because they try to resist, but ultimately fail and then feel like the control is truly in these social media giants. But it's not...


There is another level of awareness, one that you can develop that is much deeper, that extends into your subconscious and connects with your body.


There is a depth of awareness that you can develop, with regular and consistent practice that will allow you to have awareness and thus control over what is influencing you and how.


The social dilemma talks about these algorithms tilting the floor, and when this happens we all go to the same place in our minds which influences our behaviour.


They then say something pertinent - We all have the opportunity to walk up the hill, to walk around the room, but its rare that someone does.


It's a choice... Yep - it takes work to be aware but on the other side of the work is freedom and with freedom comes the ability to create to your hearts desire.


The trick is not to avoid influence - that is impossible. No, the trick is to be aware and decisive over what YOU want vs what someone else wants from you.


This is  one of the reasons I am so passionate about teaching the practice of Aromanosis.


It is geared to towards continuously learning about ourselves and improving our self awareness and connection.


If you haven’t looked at the Stressed to Blessed in 7 days yet its a free course that you can access and is a wonderful way to begin your daily practice - only requiring 20 minutes per day of your time - which if you are serious about growing and changing, then is possible for everyone to find. 


And if that resonates with you, come join our Aromanosis Practice Group where you will find ongoing support and growth through our members area full of resources and weekly practice prompts as well as monthly online workshops.

Aromanosis Practice Membership

Breathe. Connect. Create.

We have forgotten who we are. We have forgotten our own power... Our ability to love.... Our expansive gifts to create and problem solve.... And we have forgotten that the solutions and path are not found outside of ourselves, but are residing within waiting patiently for us.

Aromanosis is a practice of improving oneself in every area of life. We have a “begin within” philosophy where an internal practice of awareness, release, connection and growth are central (and the building blocks of) everything we do.

Our Aromanosis practice revolves around this central concept. We utilise a range of techniques to help us delve into different focus topics to create growth and change.

Within our practice group, there are no ‘stages’ or ‘levels,’ only continual learning and self growth. There is an understanding within Aromanosis that the practice is never complete and you are always at the perfect stage of development.

Aromanosis is about creating from the inside out.

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