Uncovering your Life Stories

events Feb 19, 2021

What personality do you show to the world? Who are you? Are you a mother? A wife? A nurse? A sales person? Are you a daughter who lives up to her parents expectations? Or perhaps a dependable friend? Are you a fitness fanatic? Or maybe you are the lazy one of your friends? Or the one who cooks amazing food?

What narratives do you play out in your life? And what do these labels mean? Does it mean that even though you are dog tired, you still spend 4 hours cooking the best cake for your girls catch up? Or that you have certain beliefs because of the industry standards you are exposed to?

We cannot avoid labels in this world. If we do not become something then we are nothing. But labels can create a force of control over how you live your life that is not in true alignment with your core beliefs and values. The trick is to be aware of how the labels you choose to take on influence the way you behave and make choices. 

In this Aromanosis workshop we are delving deeper into this fascinating topic, to discover and uncover which labels we have taken on, why we have taken them on and then to ultimately decide if we want to keep them or release them.

We will do this through some journaling activities which will be followed by an Aromanosis Meditation to take us deeper into the subconscious where we can release that which is no longer serving us. 

This workshop is for Aromanosis members only. If you would like to come along and try the workshop you can sign up with a FREE 14 day trial, which you can cancel anytime.



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