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personal growth Apr 23, 2021

What I want to touch on was personal development and what it really is.

Its a word that is bandied about quite a bit but most people don’t take it too seriously and they discount it as not being important in our lives.

I want to debunk that theory. 

If you ask me, learning about yourself is the most important thing you can do, in fact I would argue that it is a big part of why we are here on this earth living this life.

Personal development is about learning how to go within, what is within, how to change what is within and THEN creating change in our external realities.

The truth is, we all carry a crap load of baggage. We pick up pieces throughout our live from the moment we are born and if we don’t take the time to clean out our internal worlds, by the time we are adults we are carrying a crazy load and our true, beautiful selves are buried way beneath, forgotten, battered and bruised.

A personal development practice allows you to release old baggage. It allows you to understand who you are and what makes you tick.

A personal development practice brings awareness and awareness brings an element of personal power and control. 

Too often we expend all our energy externally, telling ourselves that once we have done this or that, that then we will have time to go within…. But the reason why this or that is not working, is not because your lack of external effort…. Its because the internal work has not been done – ie you are doing it the hard way.

Think of it like a cart that you have to get up the hill to whatever your goal is. 

Baggage weighs down the cart. You can continue to put more effort in every time you pick up a piece of baggage or you can stop every now and then to do the work it takes to offload that baggage and then enjoy the ease when moving forward…. 

Which way do you think will take longer? Quite often we have so much baggage in our carts we cant even see ahead and are going around in circles but don’t even know it!

Personal development… an internal self care practice is 100% necessary in life!

And if you think you can get out of this if you don’t have any goals… firstly I’m going to call you out on that and tell you that you do, you are just afraid of something… and secondly, I am going to tell you that you need to do this for your health.

Emotional baggage takes a serious toll on our physical well being. This is well documented. If you don’t deal with your crap, then your body is gong to let you know, whether through pain, disease or some other strange manifestation.

A personal development practice is necessary!

So with all that being said, if you are wondering what you need to be doing, or are wanting to hide because you seriously don’t have time, I want you to take a breath. Because this isn’t something that has to take a lot of time space or even money. Its kind of like drinking water. Its affordable, quick and easy… but it’s also vital for life. We need to ditch the notion that anything worth doing is going to suck the life out of us or cost a fortune.

I want to invite you to join our Aromanosis Practice Group. I have created this for all of the reasons I have just explained and 2 years ago it’s what I wished I had when I was burned out, lost and completely over trying so friggin’ hard and not getting anywhere. 

I found a few workshops but they were all way out of my price range. Plus I was really aware that I needed something ongoing and that would not take up a crazy amount of my time.

So I went about creating something for myself. This is where my aromanosis practice blossomed from. I used my knowledge as a Hypnotherapist, coach and health professional and discovered that a combination of Aromanosis Mediation with conscious self development work like journalling, was a complete game changer and my life finally began to shift and improve…. From the inside out.


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