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What I want to touch on was personal development and what it really is.

Its a word that is bandied about quite a bit but most people don’t take it too seriously and they discount it as not being important in our lives.

I want to debunk that theory. 

If you ask me, learning about yourself is the most important thing you can do, in fact I would argue that it is a big part of why we are here on this earth living this life.

Personal development is about learning how to go within, what is within, how to change what is within and THEN creating change in our external realities.

The truth is, we all carry a crap load of baggage. We pick up pieces throughout our live from the moment we are born and if we don’t take the time to clean out our internal worlds, by the time we are adults we are carrying a crazy load and our true, beautiful selves are buried way beneath, forgotten, battered and bruised.

A personal development practice allows you to release old baggage. It allows...

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The simplicity of Breathwork

When I first learned how to bake I would scour recipe books (because google wasn’t a thing back then) looking for complicated recipes. I was looking for something with many steps and with lots of ingredients. Why?.... Because I thought that if it involved many steps and ingredients and was difficult to do then it would be ‘better.’

I quickly learned that some of the best recipes were the simple 5 ingredients all in one pot type. Never-the-less, it took me many more years (a decade or so) to come to the understanding that the simplicity-in-the-kitchen-creates-beautiful-food rule, translates to life generally.

I cannot tell you how many times I have disregarded something due to its simplicity, making the assumption that simple means non-effective. This belief could not be farther from the truth. In fact there is mountains of research showing that the small simple things in life are often the ones that have the greatest impact.

Perhaps one of the most simple gifts...

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Ready to Shine: Aromanosis Online Workshop

Dull fear. 



Feeling any of these lately? 

I want you to know there is a light in you. A light that is ready to be turned up so it can shine to an intensity you never imagined could exist.

The fear… The stuckness… the Broken parts…. They will pale in comparison to the light within you.

THIS is what our Aromanosis practice group will be awakening within ourselves in April and we would love for you to join us.

We will be using breathwork, journaling, meditation and coaching.


April 21st @ 8pm to 9:15pm(ish) AWST

Online via Zoom

Free for Aromanosis Members

Join with our 14 day free trial (yep you can try the class for free!)


Once you are a member you will see the details of how to join the workshop in the members area. If you get lost or stuck flick me an email at [email protected]


It’s time to shine. You deserve to shine. You are going to shine!

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Immersed in my Story...

I am immersed in study and personal growth. Each day I begin with my breathwork practice and this is followed by hours of learning, reflection, creativity and writing as I continue my Creative Therapies training. This work is deep and it both fulfills and challenges me on levels I have not entered before. And then in between my dives into the depths of consciousness, I come up for air to be Mum, Wife, Friend, Mover and Entrepreneur, to name just a few of the roles and labels I both willingly and unwillingly take on. 

Sometimes I think it is like a boiling pot with ingredients that perhaps don’t match and yet when they all are mixed together and in balanced quantities it creates a sweet taste that feels divinely perfect to me.

Each ingredient, each label in my life has an impact on my experience of life as a whole. Sometimes it is a negative impact, making the taste slightly bitter, but as I said before, when this is balanced it can highlight the sweetness, improving the...

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Uncovering your Life Stories

What personality do you show to the world? Who are you? Are you a mother? A wife? A nurse? A sales person? Are you a daughter who lives up to her parents expectations? Or perhaps a dependable friend? Are you a fitness fanatic? Or maybe you are the lazy one of your friends? Or the one who cooks amazing food?

What narratives do you play out in your life? And what do these labels mean? Does it mean that even though you are dog tired, you still spend 4 hours cooking the best cake for your girls catch up? Or that you have certain beliefs because of the industry standards you are exposed to?

We cannot avoid labels in this world. If we do not become something then we are nothing. But labels can create a force of control over how you live your life that is not in true alignment with your core beliefs and values. The trick is to be aware of how the labels you choose to take on influence the way you behave and make choices. 

In this Aromanosis workshop we are delving deeper into this...

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Emotional Tuning: Feb 10th Online Workshop

Feb 10th 2021 @8pm AWST
Our emotions are a wonderful guidance system and we can use them to know if something is right for us or not. One of my favourite sayings is, “If it feels good, do it. And if it doesn’t, then don’t.”
On the other hand, when we have patterns in our subconscious minds that are not working for our benefit, more times than not, when we try to change these patterns, it does NOT feel good…. And yet the change is what you desire.
Think of someone wishing to quit smoking. When they first stop they experience a range of ugly emotions and thoughts coming up, which is the brain trying to sabotage the person’s effort. Does this mean they should stop trying to quit? No, it is just a result of what is happening at a deeper level.
Yes it is both true that sometimes our emotions are a good indicator as well as sometimes our emotional reaction is the opposite of what is good for us.
So should we discount our...
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How to Journal


Check out the video above to learn how to journal.

Learn how to journal easily. Anyone can learn journaling for personal insight and self development. You just need to know a few simple guidelines. 

Journaling can be a source of anxiety for a lot of people in the beginning and I really want to reassure you that whatever does or does not come out, is absolutely perfect.

As you progress in your regular practice you will learn to go deeper into your journaling practice where you can interpret different symbolism that may arise in words or through scribbles or drawings. 

You will also learn to release expectation and when this occurs your subconscious will begin to communicate with you in a much more direct manner. 

If you are not enjoying the practice of journaling, it is most likely because it is new. When we first try something and we discover it is not a natural talent for us (99% of things we do fall into this category), it is rarely “fun.” This is why as...

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The (Un)Reality of the Mind: December Online Workshop

Consider the following: The more we try to be what we think we should be the more we stay the same.
The human mind is capable of incredible things, but our brains often play tricks on us that warp our perception of reality... Sometimes this is helpful but oftentimes when we are attempting to create change or break out of our current 'norm,' our brain's 'default reality changer' it is not conducive to success.
This workshop is about bringing awareness to all the ways our mind's warp reality and how we can begin to see through these illusions with confidence.
It is recommended that you intuitively create your own essential oil blend for this workshop. When thinking about what oils you may like to add, consider words like truth, awareness, trust and grounding.
Some oils you may like to consider include Frankincense, Sandalwood, Bergamot, Orange, Blue Tansy and Myrrh
Please note that this workshop is exclusively for Aromanosis members only.
To learn...
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SOLD OUT - The Truth of You: Perth Aromanosis Workshop

Imagine living in alignment with the essence of your being. Imagine the sense of flow, connection and peace it would bring.
When we are living out of alignment we feel overwhelm, stress, sorrow and physical pain. We often feel these things and we think we need to change what is occurring around us, but the true pain is deeper than that. The true pain exists within because you have forgotten who you are.
But the truth of you is not as far away as it may feel right now. It is there, waiting to be uncovered, so you can feel the joy, love and contentment you crave.
Join us for an afternoon of reconnection to you and your truth.
As part of the workshop you will be creating a morning ritual, customised to you, including a tea and essential oil blend which you will get to take home to continue your practice.
Please bring a cushion, water, journal and pen. A light afternoon tea will be provided.
1pm to 5pm, Saturday 28th November 2020 in Hamilton Hill, Western Australia (address will be...
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Don't wait for someone else to wake up and act with ethics for you to be happy and healthy.

Have you seen the social dilemma?


It's worth watching. And If you haven't seen it yet, its about the insidious psychological influence of social media and how technology is manipulating our behaviour in a significant way.


What was your response to watching it? Did it make you angry? Do you feel helpless?


It's a message that needs spreading and I do not for one minute agree with what these companies are doing BUT I also know that so long as we are playing their game and giving our power away by waiting for them to change in order for us to be safe.... That nothing is going to change.


Let's say we all get grumpy enough that laws are passed and they stop doing what they are doing now - they will just find a sneakier way.


What on earth do we do with this depressing situation then?


The answer is to wake up!


We take the time to development our sense of self awareness so these insidious and manipulative tactics do not work on us.


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