Breathe. Connect. Create.

Our events, classes, workshops and retreats run both online and in person at different venues in Western Australia.

Everyone is welcome, whether you are (consciously) new to your personal growth journey or you have been walking this path for years. Within Aromanosis, you will find support, tools, growth and community.

In this online workshop you will:

  • understand why breathwork has such a profound effect on our mental, physical and emotional wellbeing 
  • learn a simple daily practice for improved wellness
  • experience the amazing effects of breathwork for yourself

After purchasing you will receive an email with the recording link.

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We have forgotten who we are. We have forgotten our own power... Our ability to love.... Our expansive gifts to create and problem solve.... And we have forgotten that the solutions and path are not found outside of ourselves, but are residing within waiting patiently for us.

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