Aromanosis Coaching

with Michelle Marsh


Instead of wondering when your next vacation is going to be, perhaps you should set up your life so you don’t have to escape (Seth Godin)

Sometimes it feels like we are on the hamster wheel of life…. I know the pain you feel… 

Crushing fatigue that you can’t push through no matter how positive your mindset…

Pain shooting through your body, as your adrenals pump out adrenalin in an attempt to keep you going…

The shame that kicks in when you let yourself and others down…

The embarrassment when you receive confused and doubting looks from loved ones when you try to explain “it’s not all in your head”…

And the frustration of knowing you can do and create more, but not knowing where to start…

The desire to just run away and hide…

Life can be really hard and if you don’t take charge you will find yourself looking back and wondering where the time went and why things didn’t work out differently.

The thing is, time continues to pass and if we don’t dictate what we want and go for it, our life is forfeit to chance and the desires of everyone else around us.

The good news is that with the right steps, at the right times, you can create a life you are excited to live…. 

Change IS possible! AND you can do it without creating massive upheaval and stress within your day to day life.

My passion and joy in life is in helping others to truly learn about and understand themselves and to support them in achieving their goals – no matter what they are. 

I combine my education, knowledge and experience from Registered Nursing, Hypnotherapy, Essential Oils, Coaching and life to help you create & execute a plan that will take you in the direction you want to go. 

As a coaching client you will also be a part of our Aromanosis Practice Group

Aromanosis is a practice of improving oneself in every area of life. We have a “begin Within” philosophy where an internal practice of awareness, release, connection and growth are central (and the building blocks of) everything we do.

Our Aromanosis practice revolves around this central concept utilizing our unique Aromanosis Meditations and journaling as we delve into different focus topics.

With this regular internal practice in place we can then build upon this foundation by incorporating other practices and therapies to further our self actualisation journeys.

Learn more about the practice group
"Wow wow wow that was an amazing experience last night. I loved it and was feeling like I was floating in on a love cloud after it!
The journaling was really good and helped and I did feel at some points I could've cried in the hypnosis on each event but when lady love was with me guiding me through I felt warm and fuzzy.
This one is my fave!
Thanks so much Michelle..."
- Dani -

My zone of genius as your Aromanosis coach is in self development and personal connection but I also have experience and education in the fields of Health and Business and as such when you have goals or requirements around these topics we will be able to address them.

We will be using a range of techniques and tools to support your growth and development including Hypnotherapy, Meditation, Journaling, Breathwork, Life & Health Coaching, Goal Setting and Release Techniques. 

The structure of your personal coaching session will very much depend on your goals and aspirations but you can expect to feel supported and to walk away feeling like progress has been made.

There are times, when progress means stepping into a place of internal challenge which can feel uncomfortable. When this is happening on your journey, you will not be alone and you will find that on reflection, the process (and outcome) are extremely satisfying. 

I only take on a limited number of coaching clients and as such an application form must be filled out prior to your first session to ensure I am the right coach for you.

Please take the time to fill it out as honestly as you can or if you have more questions prior to applying, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Holiday Special

Option 2: Self Care and Personal Support for $5 per day

Jan 1st to March 31st



Four one on one coaching sessions (value $600)

3 month Aromanosis Practice Membership (value $141)

Personalised Holiday Gift* (Value... It's a secret!)

Total Value = over $741


Investment into self:

$450 upfront (save $291)


3 payments of $170 (save $231)


*Commit to investing in yourself before the 12th December to receive your Holiday gift.

Aromanosis Coaching Application

Fill in the application below to take your first step towards change and growth. 

Please note that filling in this application does not bind yourself to Aromanosis coaching. It is a step we take to ensure we are the right fit for each other before moving forward and you can take this opportunity to ask me any questions you may have as well.